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  • I needed my UVERworld inspiration tonight.

    The weeks’ workload is beginning to get rough.  Have a great week, everyone.

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  • "Here is a preview of a track detailing the events and the people that helped contribute to the situation that Cambodia is currently in. This track features soundbites from American President, Richard Nixon, who is responsible for dropping 150,000 bombs on Cambodia when it was a neutral country and Cambodian Khmer Rouge genocidal dictator, Pol Pot, who is responsible for the brutal death of close to 3 million Cambodians."-Laura Mam

    This is a gorgeous piece <3.  Can’t wait to hear the rest of it.  Cheyo, Nabong Laura Mam!

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  • Takuya’s voice is perfect in this.  One of my favorite songs to listen to that emphasizes his vocal range.

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  • onlinecounsellingcollege:

    1. Talk to someone: Sharing how we feel helps to reduce the inner tension (but make sure it is someone who cares about your feelings).

    2. Work on improving your self-esteem: Self-esteem is the way you see and feel about yourself … and there are lots of lots of things that undermine our self…

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  • "Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace."
    Dalai Lama (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
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  • "Mind over Matter" -Young the Giant

    Gorgeous song.  My style.

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  • "And if the world don’t break, I’ll be shaking it. Cuz I’m a young man after all…ooooh. And when the seasons change, will you stand by me? Cuz I’m a young man built to fall…oooh…"
    "Mind over Matter" -Young the Giant
  • aspiringdoctors:


    Trust me those were not fresh scrubs 😫

    Seeing people wear scrubs to class/in public during first and second year who weren’t come from or going to do stuff in places where scrubs are required (aka the hospital) always felt extra pretentious to me.

    I get they’re comfy. But like… You haven’t earned those scrubs yet. Or something. People see you and assume you’re off to save lives but really you’re just getting a pizza rolls and studying by yourself.

    I can see how some may see it this way.  

    However, my particular school encourages us to wear them to lab, though, so right after lab, many students change into a fresh pair from their lockers to continue studying at school.  

    It’s either scrubs or professional wear.  Scrubs are a much more comfortable choice after school hours. :)

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  • Update!

    It has been a fantastic three weeks at medical school.  Looking back on it, and the three (yes, three already!) major exams that we have taken (and did quite well on thanks to non-stop studying), I am overjoyed to be where I am.

    I am adjusting quite well, to my huge surprise.  I thought I would have much more difficulty fitting into the class schedule, but it turns out that I have been ready to do this the entire time.

    But that still does not make the studying all day all night situation any easier.  :P  I have just learned to love doing it. :)

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  • Let’s make the Flubber movie cover the most reblogged picture on Tumblr.






    Yes let’s do it for him.

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  • I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone.

    - Robin Williams (1951 - 2014)

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  • thisfuturemd:

    I made this for the Future D.O. Doctors out there! Just study!

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